Edward Gibbons Consulting - Server Implementation and Design

The performance of your organization is directly proportional to the health of your server infrastructure. Without an optimally running server infrastructure, your organization may not be running as effectively as possible, costing you money and lost revenue.

You can trust Edward Gibbons Consulting for your Server Implementation and Design needs to ensure that your organization is running at peak performance.

Services Include:

 Pre-diagnosis of hardware prior to installing the server operating system, to proactively prevent server performance degradation

 Design a server infrastructure that will meet your business needs, or complement your existing infrastructure

 Hardware installation and deployment

 Architecture, planning and implementation of:

 Server Hardware (HP, Dell, IBM or Intel)

 Windows Server Operating System

 VMware Virtual Infrastructure

 Server Applications

 Active Directory

 Web Services (IIS)

 Terminal Services

 Data backup solutions

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Server Implementation and Design